The website for ANCL required multiple dozen pages to showoff the vibrant life of the church and the many ways that they are serving their local community.



To re-design the previous website to a more contemporary look and feel whilst reflecting the recently redesigned brand identity of the church.

A change was also required to the domain hosting for, as it was being hosted by a member of staff's personal hosting solution. A suitable domain host was sourced and the domain transferred over to a new standalone ANCL hosting account.



  • Creation of a website experience that is both suitable for desktop and mobile web browsers.
  • A “rolling” homepage that includes a brief introduction to the church and short cuts to key areas of the site.
  • Church Life area that contains pages of information for the different church departments and ministries.
  • Email subscription form that adds subscribers to a MailChimp mailing list
  • Events page that shows upcoming featured events and regular meet ups.
  • Media area featuring the a podcast feed as well as a video feed that displays videos have been uploaded to the ANCL YouTube channel.
  • Giving page that enables site visitors to donate and support financially the ministry and charitable work of All Nations Church.
  • Contact page that includes an email form.
  • Domain hosting: Transfer of the domain to a new domain host.
  • Ensuring the safety of the site by incorporating necessary security software and web firewall.
  • The implementation of an automatic website backup system.

I have had very positive feedback from everyone! It’s always nice to hear when things are going well so I’ve copied some of the comments here:

"This looks amazing..!" "I love this, so clear and easy to access!..” "It all looks great to us, looking forward to it going live... "This is a great improvement compared to our present website..."

Davy Kelly
Church Leader
All Nations Church Leicester Homepage