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Who's Who

Mark Jones


"I love getting to know people, to sit and listen to them, to capture the vision of their organisation and to communicate their service to the world."

Mark has been making websites for over 10 years. He has previously studied Graphics & Emedia at De Montfort University and was also the I.T Manager for a small group of companies.

When not behind a keyboard Mark can be found behind the handlebars of a bike, the lens of a camera and the goal of the Kop end at Leicester City.

Core Values

The following values underpin the way Prazeworks does business as I believe the strongest marketing tool we can have is the power of recommendation by word of mouth. This comes by having a good reputation in our business dealings.

  • To deal with all aspects of our business life with honesty and integrity.
  • The importance of keeping “crystal clear“ lines of communication between ourselves and our clients.
  • To provide a service to our customers that carries a spirit of excellence.
  • Although we don’t envisage our clients to encounter problems in dealing with Prazeworks, I will exercise patience, grace, understanding and a heart to “get it right” with those who may have any issue with the service received.
  • We believe that there are more solutions than problems.
  • As an ethical business we will not undertake work for organisations that support the following: Racism, fascism, oppression, illegal drug taking, pornography, abuse, gambling or any other subject matter that I deem immoral, offensive or misleading.